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We are one of the early adopters of the app and we are impressed to see app features increasing significantly from their 1.0 version to what they have built so far. Overall the product is solid and meets all of our expectations. The business and technical team at ReliRental have a good pulse on the needs of the rental industry and the expertise in mobile technology to solve the rental industry customer support efficiency problems.

Jeff Lignugaris
Northside Tool Rental
Atlanta, GA

We bought the ReliRental app to give equipment support material to our customers and the app delivers that value. For all of our store equipment, ReliRental library had the necessary support material. The app also delivers the analytics, that information helps us have an engaging conversation with the customer, overall the quality of the phone conversation with our customer improved with the deployment of the app.

Gary Bonds
Advanced Rental Center
Canton, GA

The ReliRental team has a solid background working with multiple Rental Industry POS systems and has done an excellent job of integrating our POS system into the app and setting up email communications to our customers. They were very responsive during the integration process and knowledgeable on best methods for setting up how our customers interact with the app and receive the notification emails. Overall the app delivers excellent value!